Guy Grimshaw-Smith

Guy Grimshaw-Smith is a young Graphic Designer and Illustrator, having recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Graphic Design. Having recently showcased at both the acclaimed design shows 'D&AD' and 'New Designers' it's been a busy few months for Guy, also graduating with first class honours.
Guy demonstrates great versatility within his work, seemingly turning his hand to any method of visual outcome; effortlessly and stylishly. From photographing musician Johnny Flynn for Fly FM, to creating a project about the promotion and awareness of Autism, Guy's design practice is richly diverse and creative.
One of our favourite projects from Guy's online portfolio is for the Ted Baker brief- in which he devised the concept of a shop window in a quintessentially English style, and used the "old English superstition" of putting a small coin into the pocket of a suit for good luck, in a refreshing and contemporary style and approach.


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