Scott Edwards

Scott Edwards is a recent graduate of the University of Plymouth, having studied for a degree in Graphic Communication. Along with a love for illustration and taking on the role as committee member for the degree's Designers Society, among other things, he also describes 'Marmite' as an interest.
Scott's work is very creative and blends various techniques to great effect. He blends interesting and unusual compositions with tactile illustration and print-making methods for truly unique and visually exciting outcomes.
Along with his clever use of deconstruction and abstraction in his work, one of our favourite aspects of his portfolio is the project 'Conversion: A translation of the English Bible' in which he blends neat and precise layouts with the aforementioned deconstructed layouts and overlays of type. The project outcome consists of an interesting experiment, in which he has designed a timeline, following each of the main six translations of the Bible- communicating through language and visual communication itself.


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