Ryan Cousins

Ryan Cousins is a Graphic Design student based in his hometown of Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, whose design interests are centered around typographic communication, as well as photography.
Along with University briefs, Ryan has driven himself to execute many self-directed projects, which show his true likes and interests, and showcasing them in his practice.
Throughout his varied and attractive online portfolio, his projects show consistent strength and capability, though one of our particular favourites is his 'Forgotten Words' project (images featured above and below) in which, as previously mentioned, is a self-directed the brief, in which he created a series of twenty-six plaques which illustrate words that have been removed from English dictionaries due to unpopularity or disuse in general. The project provides a unique and fascinating insight into which many will be unfamiliar in a considered and unique paper cut style.
Certainly a Designer for in the future, we believe Ryan has a great career ahead of him.


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