Halima Olalemi

Halima Olalemi is a London based graphic designer currently studying at London College of Communication (University of the Arts.) From her online portfolio, Halima expresses a fascination with type, graphics, collage, moving image, editorial, and photography (of which she is self-taught)- all of which play influence in her designs; creating a varied, yet distinguished style- informative and contemporary. Halima's design work clearly takes influence from the industrial surroundings of London- with direct designs which communicate strongly and boldly. One of our favourite project's from her website is the 'Greedy Graphic Design' project, in which she executes her first industry set project, designing to communicate to young Graphic Design students- with informative views, opinions and advice; structured well into a newspaper format, and printed on newsprint paperWhat we really like about Halima's design work is her seeming willingness for experimentation in her design development. As highlighted in her 'Greedy Graphic Design' project (see images above and below) she doesn't limit herself to design- her inspiration is wide and varied, and we believe this will prove immensely positive as she continues in her design future, and goes on to create even greater and ambitious projects.


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