Frances O'Brien

Frances O' Brien is a recent graduate of Art & Design from the University of Leeds, with a diverse and varied portfolio of Interdisciplinary work, but with a particular focus on Photography and the industry of Advertising (of which she hopes to pursue in her future career).
As aforementioned, through Frances' Art & Design education, the experimental aspect of her discipline choices has proven a natural direction- with strong design development in many fields.
Bought up with an encouragement to take photographs, and winning competitions for her work, Frances' work has a strong photographic influence- whether it be through Portraiture, Advertising or Graphic Design- and her passion for the subject is evident. Her Art & Design education has given influence to both conceptual and abstract images as well as natural, still life pictures- all with a flavour of fine art, experimenting with light and colour in particular.
As well as an impressive and substantial portfolio, we know that Frances' determination and love of her practice will certainly benefit her future career, which we are sure we be as vibrant and exciting as her work.


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