Carla Juniper

Carla Juniper is a recent BA (Hons) Illustration graduate from Loughborough University who intricate and precise work reflects an intellectual and dedicated approach to her design practice. Despite her focus in Illustration, her work is varied and covers a wide range of techniques and design approaches- typography being a notable instance. Having first discovered her work at the D&AD awards show, we were incredibly impressed with Carla's work- the project 'Fail?' (images featured above and below), which was showcased at the event, being a particular favourite, in which she has created a typographic poster to create a confusing and hard-to-read typographic poster, reflecting on the difficulty that one faces on the "road to success" in a kaleidoscope-esque pattern to extraordinary visual effect. Carla's work is undoubtedly at an extremely professional level, and along with her evident determination and love of Illustration, we are sure that her work will excel to even greater heights.


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